A strategist and planner by profession and a writer and explorer at heart, David’s Purpose is helping organizations and their people become more successful by taking full advantage of their human potential and market possibilities.

David has, in his 30+ year career in roles ranging from Client Services Director, President, Consultant and Board Chair, led planning initiatives and strategy development on global businesses and brands across a spectrum of organizations and business categories.

David works from the premise that it is human nature to be better than we are now; that people want to make meaningful, sustainable contributions. This powerful human desire to be better is at the heart of Future⁺, the humanistic planning process developed for his consulting company, Strategic Initiatives Group.

David is also a student of the Renaissance. David is inspired by the potential ignited and the possibilities created during the Renaissance and the enduring relevance of its best practices for 21st century organizations. David’s research and study has led him to the re-discovery of the dynamics of success from the most prolific, creative and innovative era of human history.

The timeless dynamics of success that drive the planning principles in David’s consulting practice and the subject matter of his talks and workshops are based on the best practices and insights gleaned from his years of study, research and a forthcoming book on the Renaissance. David shares this knowledge and insight with progressive organizations across the country and across the globe, helping them become better through meaningful, purposeful change.

To find out more please contact him here. You will also find David on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.