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The Six Harbingers of the Modern Middle Ages Series:

I’m feeling pretty disconnected from real relationships because of technology. We don’t have friends anymore, we have “followers”, we don’t have encouragement, we have “likes”, we don’t have phone calls, we have “comments”, we don’t have mail, we have “messages”. Somebody get off your phone/computer and come bake with me today! I love you.

~ Emma, on Facebook

The Six Harbingers of the Modern Middle Ages Series:

There is no denying the significant advances in healthcare, life expectancy and technology. Yet, social instability, cynicism and lack of trust in our government institutions, businesses and their leaders are on the rise. Technology is dulling our intimacy and eroding vital human connections. It seems we are stalling now. Certain segments of society may be feeling a sense of progress but these feelings are not widely held and come at a great human cost.

Insights out of Plain Sight that will help you advance this year

I like January. I have learned to embrace the weather and have adapted nicely to the long dark nights. But, what I like most about January is the perspective it affords. January is like standing on the Continental Divide of the calendar, offering a clear view of the past year and a glimpse into the year in front of us.

Two Ways to Look After Your Middle

We are very focused on our middles right now. Waistlines are a continual focus but it is entire swaths of population in our communities and in our organizations that deserves our attention right now.  It is the middle class and the middle ranks, according to numerous government studies, labour reports, analysis from various think-tanks and an excellent series in the Globe & Mail, that has been hollowed out and is disappearing.


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