Community Building

Three Ways to Improve Your Citizen-Employee Engagement

It is hard to look away when we come across wrecks of any kind. But, it is hard to know where to look with the rash of political wrecks at all levels of government plaguing Canada at the moment. Canada has senators mishandling their expenses and a Prime Minister’s Office allegedly paying for one senator’s mishandled expenses to “help out” taxpayers. At the provincial level there is a premier desperately trying to hold the cover on an infrastructure spending fiasco.

The City of Potential and Possibility

Cities are on our minds lately. Unfortunately not all of our thoughts are good. Crumbling infrastructure. Violence. Inner city poverty. Government corruption and malfeasance. Crumbling infrastructure might just be the metaphor for the state of our urban environments. Richard Florida is quite right in asking us to re-imagine our cities. As we become increasingly urbanized (50% of us live in cities around the world) the need for solutions on how to live and work together, peacefully and productively becomes increasingly important.

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