Friday Folio

Friday Folio - A Class of Our Own

Britain released a new study on the class system this week, a country noted for its entrenched class structures. The study is being heralded as an insightful view “into the changing nature of Western economies, with the rise of the internet and computers as well as “emerging” forms of cultural activities such as video games and social media.” (Globe and Mail – Paul Waldie). This is true but it doesn’t go far enough.

Friday Folio - Renew, Revive and Reconsider

This week brought us Spring, the season of hope and renewal. Renaissance used to mean this before it morphed and mutated into an expression that now encompasses all manner of things that have been renovated, restored, repurposed and re-born.  Now, we apply it, somewhat indiscriminately, to our culture, our educational system and even the nuclear age, in a haplessly vernacular way.

But this was never the intention.

Friday Folio - Taking Advantage of Talent

This week The New York Times shone a light into the shadowy issue of underemployment in the Modern Middle Ages. Interviews with young workers highlighted difficult working conditions and job descriptions filled with outlandish demands. The article featured Ross Perlin, author of “Intern Nation” and his view that traditional entry-level jobs are disappearing only to be replaced by internships and other nebulous titles that offer no security and little money.

Friday Folio - The Pope is gone. Long Live the Pope.

For the first time in nearly 600 years the Pope has voluntarily vacated the office of head of the Catholic Church. Emotions are running high on the Pope’s decision. Speculation is rampant on the “real” reasons behind his departure. But, the Pope’s own reason for leaving office is simple, elegant and holds a lesson for all of us.

Friday Folio – Looking back to see our way forward

Fear of Hope

How often have you stared into the faces of your team or employees and questioned how to reach, motivate and energize them when the news is bad or uncertain at best? This week President Obama faced this question in his State of the Union address. And he may have blinked.

Friday Folio - Inspiration versus Incrementalism

Two events put the power of inspiration and the creep of incrementalism in perspective. Barack Obama’s inauguration this week, according to the pundits, is a transformational moment in his Presidency. His first term, we know, was mired in the financial crisis, floored by partisanship and stymied by a seemingly never-ending series of calamitous events, culminating in the unfathomable Newtown massacre.

Friday Folio

I would like to try something new with you this week. In addition to blog posts I am introducing a new feature, Friday Folio, a look at the week past in preparation for the week ahead.


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