The Ins and Outs of an Iteratio

Iteratio is a new take on an old idea. In the 1400’s Francesco Petrarch, considered the father of humanism, called for an imitatio, the imitation of the values and principles of Antiquity, modernized for a contemporary Renaissance era world. Today we iterate, repeating and changing things to get closer to a desired result.

Barack Obama’s Iteratio

At the G8 summit in Italy a few years ago President Barack Obama asked for Galileo’s telescope to provide some inspiration for the world leaders grappling with the global economic meltdown (little did they know how bad it would get). I am sure President Obama understood the implications of Galileo’s telescope and how it changed our world, our beliefs and our thinking. President Obama understands what the leaders of the Renaissance understood; that looking at our past through a different lens helps us look forward to a better future.

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